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Local Double Glazing Options

Double glazing is a vital part of any property, allowing the home to retain as much heat as possible in the winter, and to keep cooler in the summer months. If you are looking locally for a double glazing expert, we suggest double glazing Birmingham as a great choice for all your double glazing needs. Double glazing is important to be installed correctly and with a professional finish, so it does not become a costly expense. Always look for a reputable double glazing company who will install your new windows at the highest standards and with safety in mind.
internal french doors

Beauty and Practicality

Choosing a new door is full of fun options; you need to decide the type of door you like and what material it should be made from. French doors with wide windows offer a great practical design which allows for maximum use of space whilst being made from hardwearing and attractive solid oak. They are a great idea if you have a large family, as french doors can be fully opened on both hinges to allow for passing through and making the most of the room.

One of my neighbours is quite well known around here for his parsimonious attitude to life and parting with his cash.  He will never engage the services of a professional company if he can get a job done himself.  At times, the job is too valuable for this fool hardy and mean attitude.  Windows and…

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Jack Frost Stamped Out With Double Glazed Heaven

Wow we have had some of the most ghastly weather lately.  Lots of really heavy rain and storm force gales.  I can’t ever remember there being more than one heavy storm in any one winter when I was growing up.  I do however remember with clarity, the visits the Jack Frost used to make to…

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New Window Are More Pain Than Pane

There is a detached family house near me that has had loads of work carried out on it.   The house originally had lead pane windows to the front elevation and plain to the back – the developers quick to see a saving, even if it looked sadly mismatched!  Since moving in to their house ten…

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From Classy Lead Pane To Cheap & Nasty Pain

There is a house on my nice comfortable executive style development that has broken from the norm.  I have always like the lead paned look in the later phase of the estate where I am. The house are all from a selection of 5 or 6 designs, built in small enclaves of 3 or 4…

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Arched Windows Add That Essential Character

I have a younger relative who is hoping to a stone built conversion.  It’s all jolly exciting, if a tad nerve wracking.  There are so many stages to deal with before you know you’ve secured that mortgage and then you have to satisfy yourself that you’re doing the right thing!  Windows and doors are not…

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Guessing The Age Through Cottage Windows

I have been on one of those heritage trails during my summer hols.  Visiting as many of the local historic houses as I can cram in during a sorti.  Obviously the choice of cottage location is governed entirely by the number and opening hours of the properties in any given area.   Once installed in my…

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Steamed Up Double Glazing Calls For Replacements

You know when the time has come to get the windows replaced.  Even if they are double glazed, if they are very old then t makes them far less effective.  That nagging feeling whenever the wind or rain appears outside.  On very windy days, the weather joins you inside – due to the poor fit…

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Garden Gazing Highlights Worn Out Patio Doors

Sitting looking out into my garden, watching the birds, a noisy squawking show with starlings bickering with blackbirds and magpies swooping in to add an extra noise and excitement to the mix!  Once this lot have moved off, the little birds, finches, sparrows and a chaffinch, all come back to take up positions on the…

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Sourcing Window Suppliers Online Is Safer All Round

Ah now the summer sun is streaming in through every window and patio door, I realise that one or two are beginning to show their age.  The double glazing is excellent but of course, over the years the quality deteriorates and the  seals between the frames perishes in the sun.  This has happened on one…

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New Windows & Doors Make Homes So Much Safer

One of the things we take for granted these days are modern well fitting doors and windows.  When anyone buys a house now, the first thing that happens seems to be the replacement of the windows and doors.  The once ‘must have’ patio door is now very often replaced entirely with a wide bi fold…

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